Serenity is the name of your home.
You are invited to a world, where life is just like you want it to be. Life is far away from the commotion of the world. Distant from the hustle and crowd noise of the world. Yet close to workspace you belong to. Yet close to every convenience. Yet so serene. Soorya Serenity
Serenity, that’s the colour of life here.
The amazing feature of this address is that it puts you closer to work, closer to recreation, and nurtures a lifestyle that spells modernity, bonding and peace. So own a piece of Serenity, and explore the quieter side of life.
Where nature blends into life.
Soorya Serenity has a unique neighbourhood, Its neighbours here are, a pleasant village atmosphere and famous educational institution on oneside. While on the other side, there is a natural lake that's a stroll away from the residential community. Discover and enjoy the boon of natural beauty at its best. So come home to a place that's like a perfect natural getaway.
Because your money should give you more.
If it is luxurious, it doesn't mean it is expensive. Soorya Serenity is built on that philosophy. We understand that with all the stress at work, you do not need the burden of looking for a home. Which is why we have built homes that give you all the luxury and convenience at a price you can afford. These are truly value for money homes offering you the choice between 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats between 1150 sft to 1460 sft which gives 80% carpet area.
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